●      What is Ear Stapling? 

 A tiny surgical stainless steel staple that is placed in the middle cartilage of the ear between specific acupuncture points to target weight loss, smoking cessation and other problems affecting the body. 

●      How Does it Work? 

The treatment is based on principles of auriculotherapy. The ear represents an inverted image of a whole body and any problem can be treated by stimulating certain points in the ear. So imagine that the brain is a computer and the ear is a keyboard. Pressing the keyboard's keys sends signal to the computer to activate certain functions. Stimulating specific points in the ear send signal to the brain to regulate and balance corresponding part of the body. 
The ear is innervated by three cranial nerves. The staples for weight loss stimulate points in inner cartilage of the ear innervated by vagus nerve which is known to control gastrointestinal peristalsis. It sends signal to the brain to raise serotonin levels and increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, thus suppressing appetite and decreasing cravings. Stimulating different points such as mouth and lung causes strong distaste for tobacco.

●      How Long is the Ear Stapling Session and What is Included?  

The session takes about 30-45 minutes depends on the number of participants.  Included:  aftercare kit with a staple remover, printed instructions, one reposition within the first month if needed and removal of the staples. 

●     How Long Does it Last? 

The staples can last from 3 weeks to 6 months. It varies from one person to the other. The average is 2-3 months.  Eventually your body will get used to the stimulus so the staples will need to be removed. I recommend to remove staples after 3 months. There is no cost for staples removal, and there is discount on the next set.

●     What is the Average Weight Loss? 

Weight loss depends on various factors such as eating habits, initial body weight, individual metabolism, etc.  Remember that the only way to loose weight is to cut calories and eat right, and the staple is the tool that helps you with cravings and overeating.  It helps tremendously but you have to listen to your body, eat healthy and increase your activity level or exercise. 

●     Does it Hurt? 

Some say it is painless, others say it is similar to having your ears pierced.  There is a slight pinching, burning or stinging sensation, but it subsides very quickly. Usually one ear is more sensitive then the other.

●     What is the Difference of Getting One Staple Versus Two? 

According to auriculotherapy  principles if a problem is not unilateral (one sided) the points should be used bilaterally for best results. 

•     What if The Staples aren't Working? 

Unfortunately there is no statistical data on the procedure, but  general estimate among practitioners is that the staples effectiveness is around 80%. Sometimes in the first  week the staple will target not the weight but what your body needs first. You might sleep better; feel more relaxed and less stressful. That means the staple is working. You should give it more  time to work. If you still see no results, come in within the first month of placement, and I will re-position the staples at no charge. If it does not work the second time then this most likely is not going to work for you.

●     What Are the Risks? 

Infection is the biggest risk like with any piercing.  However, If you follow  aftercare instructions, keep the area clean and dry and do    not touch your staples, you will have very little chance of the ear becoming infected.              

Last but certainly not least; be sure that you research this and all other weight loss programs you are considering. Make sure you are comfortable with the decision to get the staples. This could be just what you have been searching for.

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