Effective, Affordable Alternative to Diet Pills

The Acupuncture Ear Stapling is increasing in popularity because it works. Diet plans are difficult to stick with, and if you are looking for alternate options for weight loss this is the right place. The Acupuncture Ear Stapling may sound strange, but it is a method to successfully lose weight. 
While majority use Ear Stapling for weight loss, there are also other benefits from this procedure. Placing staples into specific points in the ear helps with smoking cessation, headaches, digestion and stress. 

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Ear Stapling - $80, on Sundays at 1:00 pm. (Group of three or more - $70).
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I had my ears stapled few days ago. I have lost 4 pounds, and have noticed a drastic reduction in my appetite. It has made it much easier to cut back on my eating: in fact there have been times where I had to “remember” to eat, because I had a headache from no food in hours, but didn’t feel any hunger pains. So far, it has been incredible. I am very glad I got it done.
Julie A., Bedford, MA

I have suffered my entire life from horrible migraines and chronic hives. On top of all this I was also very tense, often quick to overreact from stressful events. Since I have gotten the stapling done from Dr. Yuly everything has changed I no longer experience the migraines and my hives are under control. The best part of all is that my overall feeling of stress has decreased significantly. My calmness has been so noticeable that my family and friends now beg me to keep my staples in!!!
Megan F., Ossining, NY 

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